Creative Mentoring

Creative mentoring helps you address creative blocks and develop more creative freedom!

Perhaps you long to be more creative in your life and art and feel blocked? Maybe you want to integrate art-making into your life on a more regular basis? Or you sense the potential for healing and a deeper connection with your Self using the arts...

Address creative blocks, gain creative freedom, integrate art-making into your life, and form a deeper connection with your Self using the arts.Any of these reasons (and more!) are worthy of exploration, let me be your trusted guide. I bring a long history of art making in a variety of media, process painting facilitation and training in art therapy and psychology to my role as creative mentor.

Creative mentoring can take place weekly, bi-monthly or monthly depending on your needs and schedule. Our sessions are held via FaceTime or Skype where we talk about your work and process. We also have email contact to support you between sessions.

You have the choice of:
~ a 30-minute session once a week for 6 weeks.
~ two 30-minute sessions per month for 3 months.
~ a 1-hour session per month for 3 months.

Fee: $330.  Please contact me for more information or to register.

"I appreciate Annie's skill, realness, and ability to truly listen.

She helped me to explore what creativity means to me and to ask  important questions about my life: what are my rhythms, what does living a creative life feel like, how do I embrace each moment?

Approaching life and art in this way was very helpful -- it allowed me to enjoy myself, not worry about getting it all correct and have more fun." ~ R.Y.